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Friday, February 20, 2009

Orange, You Sweet! 8x8 Oil

This is from a painting session with Nancy Colella. She found these great looking little oranges at Whole Foods, with stems still on. It was fun to paint, but I was without my orange paint. I guess it worked out with Cadmium Yellow and Camium Red Light. Wish I lived closer to a Whole Foods!


  1. I think it worked out perfectly...gorgeous color and beautiful painting, Kelley.

  2. Wow, I never would have guessed you were without your orange paint! Excellent job with the mixing ... such a nice, rich, delicious orange color! I love the brushwork on the leaf ... in fact, nice and loose overall.

    The last time I was in a Whole Foods was in Austin. I love that store ... I wish we had one here. (A brick-and-mortar Dick Blick Art Supplies wouldn't be too bad, either!)

  3. The orange literally pops our of your canvas, it looks so real!

  4. I like it. It also proves that you don't have to have cad orange in the tube. Who knew?

  5. Kelley, really beautiful, as always. I love the attached leaf and stem. Great job! The color is perfect, without your orange paint. You did really well mixing colors.
    I think those are called Satsuma tangerines. I'm not 100% sure. Your painting is so realistic, that's sure what they look like to me. Very popular out here for Chinese New Year's, which I beleive is still being celebrated.

  6. Love this painting! I've seen these oranges at our Whole Foods. It's only ten minutes away and I go there about twice a week..... OMG..... I've spent way too much money!

  7. I love the painting! And, I'm sitting here with 3 of those little guys in a bowl because they are so stinking cute.


  8. Thanks so much, Linda! Karen - I wanted it looser, but - there's always tomorrow!
    Jody - either eat them or paint them!
    Thanks, everyone, for commenting!

  9. oooh thats lovely-
    saw Nancys too-really nice!

  10. Bindu, thank you!
    Mary, I wonder what else I could leave at home?
    Thanks, so much, Nanc, and.. Satsuma... good to know!

  11. Love this one.

    The shadows help make the background just as interesting as the orange itself.

    Never seen one with the stem still on until now!



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