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Monday, February 9, 2009

Swizzle, 6x8 Oil

This weekend I bought these red glasses that remind me of ones (lost in some move) I bought in Mexico. Added to that I was given a couple of turquoise glass swizzle sticks, a starfish and a seahorse. When I said I wanted to paint the glass, my husband said "Do you realize how many colors of red, plus orange and yellow are in this one glass?" "Yup." I said - that's what I love about it! Also the glass, being hand blown, was lopsided at the top, and inside. I really like the reflections I got on the shadow and on the table, they were fun to paint!


  1. You can tell this is a hand-blown glass...very nice....and refreshing!

  2. Well done old’ chap well done

  3. Hi Kelley,
    great job on those reflections.

  4. Thanks, Paula and Conor! Amy, you are too funny! Does it make you want a Gin & Tonic? Thanks, D, and enjoy your trip!

  5. This is a seriously poppin' red, love it! And the limes in a glass a few spots down, these are my favorites as I scan quickly 'cause I've got to get out the door in a minute. Thanks for visiting my blog, Kelley and for your nice words! We love the doggies, don't we? I hope to catch a rerun of the Westminster show. Happy day to you...

  6. Wow, this just is so bold and beautiful....

  7. Kelley- You nailed that glass. It reminds me of that wonderful red candy apple you did awhile back. It just shines so deliciously! You might have even encouraged me to try painting something like that mself.


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