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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Milk Glass Pitcher, 6x6 Oil

This looks better in person. Last Summer I was searching and searching for a 2 cup pitcher for milk and this was in my cabinet all along. It was Tim's aunt's and when she broke up her house she gave me this. Perfect. It was a real challenge, because the only 'white' is on the little tiny highlights at the top of the pitcher. I've been rigging up a photo area in my studio, and have surrounded it with white sheets, to avoid the glare, but I had to take this photo at home without it because I'd forgotten my camera today.


  1. Another difficult subject Kelley but you tackled it really well! Great job on the pitcher!
    I'd love to have the lighting photog's use because I can never find the right light to take a pic!

  2. You really captured the depth in the little creases in the pitcher.

  3. hi kelley!
    oh my goodness!
    it is fabulous!
    i love your work!

  4. Kelley, I love the reflection of the pink table cloth on the side of the cut milk glass pitcher! Really well done, and a tough subject too!


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