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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sleeping In, 5x7 Inches Oil Painting by Kelley Macdonald

$100 & $10 S&H

The story:  One warm Summer morning I woke up to a pink and aqua world, and though it was just almost dawn, I got up, made some tea and headed to the front porch to watch the world light up.  Of course Paco could not let me be by myself, but MY GOODNESS it was early.  Way too early. So he begged for me to hold him in my lap, which I did. And Paco relaxed in my arm (you can see it here supporting him as he dozed in the crook of my arm).   

So he's not an early riser.  He has other qualities.  I could just kiss that little wrinkly chin!  I ought to tell everyone that this is just the 3rd time I've painted Paco this month.  I know everyone thinks a lot of these pugs are my own dog, but they are not!  I would never dress him up - he's not that kind of dog.  :D
We are past the halfway point in our 30 Paintings in 30 Days.

Also.... anyone who wants to come to the Saturday Painting Class (10 a.m. in Warren) - even as a drop-in... come on over.  32 Cole Street in Warren.  You can pay as you go.  No worries.  I'd rather you painted than not!  


  1. What baby doesn't want to snuggle in Mommy's arms? He has the best seat in the house!! Amazing camera work you did too. LOL I knew most of the Pugs you've painted were not Paco (he didn't strike me as a dress up kind of guy but he sure wears the bandit neckerchief well).

  2. Love this painting and the story...Paco has your heart for sure. So proud of you!! Wonderful things happening and lots of good paintings flying off your easel! Way to go Kelley!

  3. Paco is a sweetie! Being a dog owner of a dachshund, I can identify with the story. The coffee cup and table help the perspective of what is happening. Got it right away, without reading. Paint on!

  4. Loving your pug paintings Kelley, and it is way harder to paint dogs upside down than you would think!

  5. Interesting angle and perspective on this one. Keep those pugs coming!

  6. just fabulous work on the face. The composition is way cool and the brushwork and color is fantastic.


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