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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

PepperPepperPeppermints, 6x6 Inch Oil Painting by Kelley MacDonald

Another one for the James Library Valentine 'Sweets' show.  I seem to never get tired of painting candies.  Particularly with cellophane wrappers!  OK, I didn't paint this today.  Gave myself a day to recover, seeing as the two paintings I tried were severely lacking!

Take care in this cold!!


  1. We need to name you the queen of cellophane painting. You really are the best. Hope your bug has gone away.

  2. Incense peppermints...Never have been much of a hard candy fan but I sure like the ones you have been painting.

  3. These are wonderful Kelly! The way you have suggested the clear wrapping with just a few highlights is fabulous :0)

  4. Love how these candies pop against the beautiful background color. Love it and never get tired of candy or your paintings.

  5. Kelley, Sending you best wishes for warmth, health, and happiness! Love the this painting!

  6. The candy paintings have such a great graphic appeal, Kelley. I would love to see a series of these, supersized!!


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