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Friday, January 18, 2013

Old Fashioned, 6c6 Inch Oil Painting by Kelley MacDonald


It may be a little early in the day for this, but bear with me!  As you know, on the weekends I am taking a break from painting Pugs, (to keep it interesting and fresh for me) and painting cocktails and candy.  Last week's cocktail painting sold quickly and I had a couple of requests for the same drink - a Whiskey Old Fashioned.  So here... cheers!  And save me the cherry and the orange!  

The photo came out a little darker than real life. The painting is a bit brighter IRL.
Today.. come on by my studio where we're painting from 10-1.  I'm going to offer it either way - as a one-time payment for 8 classes, or as a 'drop in.  Your choice.  I'll BE THERE!


  1. Have fun today, Kelley. This drink looks rather yummy but I'd have to fight you for the cherry and orange! LOL

  2. Love this!! the colors are spot on and it looks so refreshing!!!

  3. The glass is beautifully painted! Well done!

  4. I really enjoy how you painted the bottom of the glass, my eye keeps going there, then up to the orange slice!Bottoms up!

  5. Frosting minds sure do think alike! Kelley- girl I just returned to my drink series for an upcoming show.
    Love your tasty cocktail- exquisite!

  6. I just purchased this painting for my old war buddy and fellow Old Fashioned afficionado from New Orleans. Got it for his 50th Birthday. He's having a "Street Car Party" that's going to pick us up on St. Charles -- Dinner and Drinks (Old Fashioned's) at Galatoire's after in the French Quarter afterwards. When we returned from Iraq in '05 (to the aftermath of Katrina) - he and I consumed many many of these buggers to "make the bad men go away!" I'm sure this will have a place of honor on his bar. Thanks... ~ Chris C.


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