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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pug News, 6x6 Inch Oil Painting of a Pug by Kelley MacDonald

$100 & S&H
Click HERE to Purchase

One thing about pugs - they can never see a reason (or a good one, anyway) why they shouldn't be in your lap at any given moment.  Paco thinks he knows what I'm doing on the Internet and feel strongly that he should be able to join in.  This one morning he leapt into my lap while I was checking CNN.  He stared intently at the screen, and I snapped his picture.  He watches TV with us.  Goes on errands.  Sits in on my classes.  Today I got a tentative invitation to bring him to my class at the Providence Art Club.  There'll be no stopping him then.

My Painting A Day class at the Art Club started today - I have a student who has been painting for 70 years!  I'm not teaching them to paint per se, these are pretty experienced artists, but we're taking a journey and exploring what happens when you paint entire paintings (albeit small ones) for weeks on end.  They are so talented and I'm so juiced to see what they DO with this opportunity!  I'm loving my puggy paintings, and have about a year's worth of monthly series in my head now!  It's a great thing and I appreciate Leslie Saeta for getting me started this month!  


  1. That is one well-read Paco! A lovely piece and gorgeous Pug fur color!

  2. Love this one. So creative and fun...the neutral Pug although Paco would balk at being called neutral:) And the fun colored computer screen. You are on a roll! Love the teaching part too....lucky students!

  3. Oh my he is such a member of the family. I do love how you painted his coat. Nice to see the brush strokes this way. Your class sounds great. Enjoy.

  4. Kelley - so cute! I think they are so smart. My dogs sometimes look at the TV, but I love finding YOU TUBE vids that have barking dogs, they go nuts! Great that you have a painter that has been at it for 70 years - wow!

  5. Love the subject Kelley, lucky Paco!

  6. Oh this is a funny one, that little Paco is full of personality! Yep you are on a roll girl!

  7. Paco is definitely a keeper!!! This is painted beautifully!

  8. I love this!
    Your class sounds great. wish i lived closer. Paco will be a great addition.


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