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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cat'll Get Your Tongue! 6x6 Inch Oil Painting of a Pug by Kelley MacDonald


Well, Blogger is behaving badly tonight, and I am just hoping that this little guy gets posted!  Sweet little face.  Lots of pugs have that 'tongue sticking out' thing - but usually AKC breeders are careful not to get tongues that are too long.  

See, when we mess with the anatomy (breeding the snout shorter and shorter to be pretty much non-existent, don't get me started on  us modifying animals.... much as I love dog breeds) we take lots of chances.  To minimize the bad results that could occur (just think - the muzzle gets shorter, but loops, the tongue stays long, or the palette gets shoved back into the esophagus (sp), the eye sockets can be too shallow, etc. etc.) breeders go back a few generations on BOTH parent's sides and see if any of those dogs/bitches have had any problems.

When people do not do this and they just have 2 cute dogs they want to breed, they take big risks - and hey, the puppies are so CUTE, right?  But that's what you pay $1,000 or so per puppy for, to get the lineage clear.  Nothing's ever guaranteed in life, so things could still pop up, but things that can go wrong can go SO wrong, and break your heart, and cause such sickness and sorrow for all concerned - really, really think before you purchase a dog that is a purebred without papers.
End of lecture!


  1. It is such a CATCH 22 too, isn't it? Don't go to pet stores either as it promulgates back yard breeders who treat the sire and dam terribly and yet the puppies end up paying the price. They are alive and in cages just wanting to someone to love them. There is no winning when you love animals and don't want to see any of them hurting and suffering.

    I am loving your Pug series, Kelley.

  2. oohhhhhh I think I am becoming a pug cute!

  3. loving the brushwork and the scintillating color shifts in your pug paintings.

    .....and my two cents about the overbreeding, cross breeding, puppy mill breeding is to not support them.
    Go to a shelter or Breed rescue and give an abandoned domestic pet a second chance.
    Breaks my heart...

  4. What a sweet portrait! This is such a fantastic series!

  5. this is outstanding kelley! what a face!! amazing series.

    and i so agree with your post. it's horrific what humans do to animals on every level. i understand that not supporting overbreeding etc. is the way to go, but that doesn't mean those pups don't need homes as well. if i stop eating meat, it won't disappear from the supermarket cases. it is a conundrum and we all need to follow our hearts and minds. it breaks my heart when raz or blu start wheezing

  6. What a cute guy, agree on the brush work but so hard to read about breeding. I guess that is what we are doing with everything today. First it was manners and lineage, now it is the world. Love following your blog.

  7. These are so sweet! I love your dogs...awesome work.


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