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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Red Scarf Pug, 6x6 Inch Oil Painting by Kelley MacDonald


Oh.  Yes I've been very bad.  Between work, teaching and being sick last week, I ended up TWO short in my 30x30 paintings!  So I did the value study painting below, yesterday, and it's COUNTING, and today I did the pug above.  This is my pug, who will not wear clothing for dogs.  Apparently my husband's scarf is acceptable.  Don't tell my husband I wrap the dog in his scarf, OK?  

I'm exceptionally happy with this painting, because it's more than a pug, it's a painting.  Do  you know what I mean?  Even if you squint and sort of lose the whole dog-thing, I like the shapes, the color, the paint application. OK, done patting myself on the back.  Sometimes it seems like you just can't do anything, and sometimes it's just.... yeah.  

Hopefully I'll be able to post 2 tomorrow as well, but I'm moving my studio, so... who knows.  Wish me well! xoxo


  1. This painting makes me smile: very fun!

  2. Oh I do love both of these paintings, Kelley! Love those old enamel type pots for sure and you made me laugh about your husband's scarf. Reminds me of a time when an old friend dropped a pork chop on the floor and she picked it up, let her Boxer have a lick, then put it on her husband's plate. She was mad at him (they are now divorced) and maybe you had to be there but I thought it was funny. Yes, I am a sad case.

  3. This is the best yet, and yes, it really is a painting. Atticus sends xoxo to Paco.

  4. good morning kelley!
    oh what a fabulous painting!
    i adore it!
    i wish i could get them all!

    hug paco for me!

    i cannot wait to hear more about your new space you are moving into!

  5. Two more nice ones, Kelley! I do know what you mean about the first one being a painting, some just turn out to be great validations for us. Those lovely grays in the second painting are pretty special, too.
    Hope your studio move goes very smoothly!

  6. Wow you are right! This is a PAINTING! The subject is delightful; the values, composition and color are stellar. Weeee. Don't you just love it when everything comes together and the world is singing!! Fab value study. Glad you are feeling better. xoxo

  7. I love the warm and cool whites in the pug piece. And your husband's red scarf is a perfect pop of red.

  8. I see what you mean about the first one. The paint application is masterful and full of life. It's just has that special something that is hard to put your finger on. Who couldn't love the subject with his Papa scarf on, don't worry I won't tell Tim. With the month you've had you definitely can count the pot!

  9. Kelley, This one is adorable! Love the red scarf! Good luck with your move!

  10. Hello Kelley I found you thru my friend, Shelly' blog. I adore your painting of your pug...I have three of them, 2 of which are rescues..I'll have to post a new photo of them in my blog so you can see them! Mine don't get excited when I try to dress them...little Sadieblue is the only one to allow me to put a sweater on her..ehehe I hope to visit often now that I've found can find me here. or on my facebook page. Creations by Bevie, or Beverly A Sams
    Blessings for a great rest of the week!!!

  11. that's a slam bangin', dynamite painting Kelley!!
    Also, do I recognize Grampy Croft's lunch pail?
    Good job on this 30 in 30!! You can feel good about it.

  12. When you're bad you're good! Both are great in their own ways.
    glad you are feeling better!


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