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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Nap Buddies, 6x6 Inch Oil Painting of Pugs by Kelley MacDonald


LOTS of people who get a pug end up getting a second one. Some say that pugs are like potato chips - you can't have just one!   I think more often, pugs prove to be more 'intense' (my husband says 'needy' but that's not right) than other dogs.  They do seem to accept another pug as a substitute human, thus allowing their human a bit of freedom to interact with OTHER humans, not just the pug.

But who can complain?  Endlessly accepting and supportive (my pug agrees that I work too hard, and people around me just don't realize how 'special' I am... :D).  And they are very accommodating, providing they are INCLUDED.  And crates???  Don't even GO there.  Would you put your child in a crate? (OK, some would, I know)  NO!  And pugs feel very much that they fit in that category.  

Most pugs' middle name is 'Snuggle'.  And they are squishy, I think, just for that purpose.
Another pug fact - I know you're dying for one:  There are two acceptable types of ear:  button and rose.  Darn if I can figure out what either of them look like.  I know you'll email me, so I'll wait. 
:D  Enjoy this Challenge with Leslie Saeta!


  1. WOW thanks the post of delicious Kelley MacDonald's Daily Paintings. Thanks for post the wonderful post.

  2. Ooh, now I want to snuggle with those two!

  3. Jealous that your pug gets to sleep and I have to (get to ) continue with 30 paintings in 30 days!

    Love this relaxed pug!!!

  4. Ooh, Kelley, you are tempting me with all those cute pug paintings! I want one of those pups!

  5. Kelley..LOVE what you are doing with the PUG are so creative and clever and I can feel the love and smiles in each piece


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