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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Steamers-To-Be, Oil, 6x8

You know, I don't even LIKE clams.  To eat, that is.  I have no opinion of clams personally.  But at our Labor Day Clamboil last year I took a few out and positioned them on the counter and took their pictures, and in looking at the images this week I was intrigued by the subtle colors and the glistening of the neck things.   And then the shapes grew on me and I started drawing clams... after I did this I took out a bigger canvas, 14 x 18 - and sketched on it, but it was not big enough.  So I grabbed a 16 x 20, but once again... not big enough.  I think I finally settled on a 20 x 24 in canvas - let's see how that goes!


  1. (a) I want to eat steamers now!

    (b) good job with the shape of the clams and the subtle color differences

    (c) I really like this one!

  2. Come on down, Nini! Thank you! When I get the enormous one done, I'll let you know!

  3. Holy Steamers. 20x24!
    I can see it in a seafood restaurant :D It;s really good.

  4. Well, THIS one is only 6x8, but the one I posted on my Studio Blog is 24x28, actually (I just got out the ruler...)


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