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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tiny Clamscape, Oil, 5x7

The series I'm doing is called "Clamscapes", and in it I'm exploring the colors and textures of Little Neck clams.  Why they are called this, when the 4 I've kept as 'pets' for this series have grown their necks to (and I am not kidding here) 4 inches long.  Now their shells are less than that.  WHERE did these necks come from?  Yesterday 2 of them had little, respectable 1/2 inch necks, but this morning all 4 had 2 inch or longer necks.  Tonight, they are grotesquely extended to 4 inches each.  They are going back into the Bay tomorrow.  EEEeeeeuuuwww.  But it is awfully interesting to extract and exaggerate the colors, as you can see better on my Studio Blog.


  1. I'm wondering how these guys would look severely abstracted...their shapes and potential for arrangement may be a good starting point....I never studied clams that closely before, but seeing these makes me think about them in a less literal form in not so literal colors. Who knows...might be interesting, might not be...


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