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Monday, May 19, 2008

Bristol Gallery Night

I'm so sorry I've gone 'dark' on you - the little episode with the sand in my camera has left me Post-less!  My son Conor is traveling in Italy this week and I lent him my big camera, so I have to wait till my little one is fixed (or declared dead) to post again.  SOON.  Anyway Friday night was Gallery Walk in Bristol and my friend Denise Zompa kindly opened her walls to me and Phyllis Adams to join in the fun.  Lots of people, a fun and interesting evening!


  1. It's great to see the work framed, on a wall, and grouped together like that.

  2. I anxiously await the return of your daily paintings! I hope your camera is fixed soon!

    Oh, and my "world according to nini" blog is up and running... I had to wait until school ended to start posting. You are most welcome to check it out whenever you want :)

  3. your paintings look GREAT! I'll have your camera back for you soon... itàs pretty close to full ;)


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