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Saturday, May 31, 2008

My Prizewinning Buddies

Nancy Colella, 1st Place Oils, North River Art Society Juried Show in Marshfield, MA - Yay, Nancy!

Paula Villanova - leaves her job to paint and immediately gets in two very tough shows - the North River Art Society and the South Shore Art Festival Juried Show - and won a prize in the NRAS!  (truly, I forget which prize - but it was for Hopper's House, below - I accidently posted this image of Paula's painting of San Miguel, and can't delete it!).   Congratulations, Paula!

Painting-Acrylic-Blue Beetle  SOLD
And above is Phyllis Dobbyn Adams' piece that won a Composition Award at the North River Art Society Juried Show - as well as a prize in a New Hampshire show and one at the Portsmouth Art Guild.  Phyllis won an award as well for the painting below in the Juried Figure Show at Portsmouth Art Guild.  AND she won a 'first place' award for a piece (God help me I've lost track of which one) in the Cape Cod Art Association Open Juried Show.  Way to GO Phyllis - what a Spring you've had!
Painting-Watercolor-Self Portrait

AND Denise Zompa won an  First Place award for (not this) a landscape at the Creativity Show at the Cape Cod Art Association Gallery Artists Juried Show.  I'm sure I'll be corrected as to the title of the Show, but that's OK, I'll correct it.  Go Denise!

And below is Sally's Dean's 1st Place, Mixed Media piece (which I love) "Miss August" - congratulations, Sal!

SO!!!! Congratulations to all my 'peeps' who are out there submitting and winning!  I'm thrilled for all of you, and proud of your achievements!!!  Happy Painting, all!
** Links to these artists are all to the right under my links!  Visit their sites, they're all up to wonderful things!~


  1. Very nice post Kells. Great example of the caliber of work here.
    High fivin' everyone :)

  2. Thanks Kelley for doing this; I really enjoyed viewing the mini gallery of the varied work of everyone! And thanks Mary for your high fives! You and Kelley provide much inspiration to all of us with your fabulous blogs and links. Thanks for keeping the spirit and energy going!

  3. High fives are good - I got emails from Nancy and Sally saying they enjoyed being featured all together, too! Yeah, and thank GOD everyone has a different style - how boring would it be otherwise?


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