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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Butler's Creme's, Oil 6x6

The end (for now) of donuts.  I'm thinking of doing larger pieces, but not (NOT) these Cream Donuts from Butler's.  #1 reason is that they're very difficult, being sliced almost all the way through like hamburger rolls then filled -I don't like the hard line on the soft pastry, and #2 reason is they are VERY difficult to resist.  Fabulous pastries.  Real sweetened cream and pastry that is just so fresh.  They fill them as you order them on weekdays. The long rectangular one on top, with the jelly, is called a Jolly Roger or something!   I think these were the least successful of the donut grouping because of the sculpted cream.  Either that or I should do 3 paintings of them - which would be deadly for my cholesterol levels ;).   I've posted a couple of new pieces on my studio blog - trying to get ready for the  Spring shows.  

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  1. Ooo more donuts! I thought of you and your donuts today...Every Thursday I take Claire to this little Italian cafe, where they have huge coolers full of italian cookies and massive cakes. We always treat ourselves to a slice of decadent cake...Every week I think of painting them, but today I actually bought a cupcake that they put in a little pastry box...I'll paint it tomorrow! But it was your donuts that finally made me do it...I love them! Check out I love his desserts, with their think creams and neat compositions...


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