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Monday, May 19, 2008

The Wanted Poster (For All NRAS Friends)

To all my friends who will be attending the North River Art Association's Opening Reception for the Art Festival this Friday night:  If you see the two smiling faces pictured here, please introduce yourself and say 'hi'!  This is Phyllis Adams and her husband Rich, who will be at a NRAS function for the very first time.  I encouraged Phyllis to submit something for the Juried Show, and not only did she get in, she got a prize for composition!  (errr.... I did not get anything in.... in the spirit of my almost completely rejected Spring...).  SO... she's going to the Opening, but doesn't know a SOUL.  So I told her how friendly everyone there is, and there will be tons of nice people to talk to.  Don't be shy!  I hope you all have an awesome time, and congratulations to marvelous artist Nancy Colella, as well, for a BIG prize there!!!!  Check out their websites and blogs, and enjoy yourselves!  I will be attending another Opening for another friend that evening, not sitting home and moping!

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  1. Hi Kelley, thanks, I feel like a am a nerdy new kid in third grade and the teacher is telling the class to be nice to me. Phyllis


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