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Friday, May 23, 2008

Radish Rainbow, 5x7 Oil

I found these multi colored radishes at the Fruit Center in Hingham, MA yesterday (one of the reasons I love the South Shore of Boston!).  Jim Kubiatowicz, a wonderful artist and the President of the Art League of Rhode Island, checks in on my blog periodically (he says every day, but... sure :) to see what's for dinner!  Well, tonight is going to be Radish Salad with these gorgeous little veggies.  They look like a bouquet of flowers in my favorite colors.  I really want to do a BIG one of these, too, like my big clams on my Studio Blog.
AND if you're in the neighborhood of Marshfield, MA this weekend and want to see some spectacular art, stop in at the North River Art Society Festival.  If you come on Sunday afternoon I'll be painting there, so stop and say 'hi'!


  1. HOw very pretty! I have never seen ones like these! I e-mailed ypu back on your comment, but then realized I have been away all weekend and needed to see what was new in your world!! I love checking! :-)

  2. Love the colors, now I have to get some radishes, great compostion also. Like the clams also but I stick to quahog painting, the necks freak me out.

  3. Love your radish painting and your color choice.


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