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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"Where's Your Other Flip Flop?" Oil 6x6

I'm trying to submit paintings to the many Juried Shows that crop up this time of year, and it's keeping me very busy.  But with beach season in mind, and an upcoming show (July, Marshfield... details to follow) with a theme of 'Beachscapes', I set up this little still life to paint yesterday.  In my mind I was reliving our trips to the sand and sea, with the problem upon arriving home, of the missing flip flop.  I really don't like the all-blue (and being literal, there was only ONE pail in the 3 stores I went to and it was the same color as the little flip flops), but hey, it is what is is.... don't you just hate that phrase?  Anyway, wish me luck with my submissions to the juried shows and the art association I'm trying for....


  1. The drawing here is awesome. I think the color needs some work though. Vibrating a little more orange and blue together like you'd see on a sunny day at the beach?
    Good luck with the shows etc. Can't wait to paint with you XO

  2. I like the composition though! I have problems when I use too much blues though too...And it seems to happen with my beach stuff...Hence, it is never on my blog...My kids have a great vintage red enamel pail! Too bad you couldn't find one of those! By the way my daughter saw I was on your page, and she goes, "Oh Kelley, she's awesome!" So you have a fan! Well actually a couple!

  3. Yes, a touch of orange would be lovely, though the work currently has the peaceful beach feeling.

  4. I like the painting, but I agree, the all blue is not right... you're right "it is what it is," but also it is important how it comes across... I was just having this chat with mum re: her Dorchester Heights painting... keep on the lookout for a different pail :-p

    I can't wait for your camera to get fixed... I miss your daily paintings!


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