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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Holiday Mug, 6x6 Acrylic

On Sunday evening Tim & I went to Newport and stopped in at Starbucks (hey, Coastal Roasters was CLOSED!) and they had these cool metallic mugs that I thought would be a challenge to paint. I was right! But I forged ahead, letting the paint get really thick, and letting the lights emerge from the shadow. The only huge question was whether to include the 'seam' on the wood that the cup sat on (that diagonal going from the center to the mid-right side). See, in real life there's a refletion on the mug, so I was thinking 'yes', include the reference for the reflection. I'm going to try painting it in the daylight, see how that works.
And many thanks to all who have visited my blog. I very much appreciate your presence, and your comments, it makes you feel less 'alone' in the work, knowing people are viewing.

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  1. Love the mug Kelley! I've been known to get inspired by restaurant dishes also!


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