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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Mid Week With Peggi (correct spelling) Kroll Roberts

These paintings are Peggi's, just to give you some reference. She's an awesome instructor. I apologise for monopolizing my Daily Painting Blog with this , I really should have put it in my Studio Blog. I'll try to move it when I get back. This work is from Wednesday. Thank you, everyone, who posted comments at the bottom - it's great to read them and feel like we're in touch!
In the morning, Athena posed in a dark green (bad photo) evening gown indoors
We had to paint this in HIGH KEY - that's what I wrote on my painting, although I seem to be the only one who can read that... Our beautiful model then posed in front of the School in a kimono & parasol (it was 95 degrees...)
My version:
And I happen to be here for the 'Best and Brightest' show - featuring none other than our friend Tatiana Sink, see below! YAY Tatiana!
Tonight is the Art Walk, where over 100 galleries will be open late, and it's gorgeous weather at night to stroll around - should be amazing! Thanks for checking in... let me know what you think! :) Kelley


  1. GRISELDA, You've got it! Really strong well-observed shapes--I love the way it's about a telling silouette and and economy of shapes.
    Nice work!

  2. Helga, you're so sweet - thanks for posting a comment!

  3. It's Tatiana making an appearance on Kelley's blog.
    Lovely paintings, both.


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