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Thursday, November 1, 2007

In Memory of Salty Dog, Acrylic, 6x8

This past weekend a friend of mine lost her best canine friend, Salty. My friend Nancy nursed her beloved Yellow Lab with tenderness and compassion throughout the dogs' old age. In return, Salty was enthusiastic and full of love to the last. A faithful friend, and part of all our 'artist girlfriend' parties, you will be missed, Salty Dog...


  1. You really got her eyes.
    Wasn't she wonderful and sweet?
    I will miss her.

  2. Thanks, Mar. Labs are usually so great, but she really was 'one of the girls'...

  3. Lovely painting! What a great dog!!
    Isn't Libby's book great! I love it too...there is soooo much useful info that you can't find anywhere else. I think Libby is having a workshop up in Maine next summer, check out her website or come to California! I'd love to meet you and Mary and paint is drop dead gorgeous in Morro Bay and Cambria.
    Happy painting!

  4. Oh, Kelley, I think this is one of your best! So full of personality ... and those eyes ... what a wonderful memorial for a beloved canine companion!

    This is such a beautiful painting ... I hope you don’t mind my venturing to suggest that it would make a great note card ... or a journal cover perhaps?

  5. You have captured the eyes beautifully. I just love this dog, and I never knew her. I can tell you loved her, and her owner, by what you have put in this painting.


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