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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

LIVE! From Scottsdale, AZ! PKR workshop!

Hello, Everyone! I'm in Scottsdale at Peggi Kroll Roberts' figure workshop with the Scottsdale Artist School this week! We are painting FIENDS! I feel like we are empty vessels, and PKR is STUFFING us with information on how to paint figures. (Feeling very, very full right now...) She's working us very hard, but it does actually feel like something's 'clicking'!
This is the last one of the day, done outdoors.

Our first outdoor piece, this afternoon...

Sorry, no Photoshop here! No cropping!

Our lovely model, Athena (what a cool name,huh?)
Well, I'll try to check in tomorrow night. I'm missing everyone but am working very hard. It's HOT here, and clear and wonderful. Thanks for checking in! Put any questions/etc. in the 'comments' section on the blog, OK? Thanks, all!


  1. wow kellry- sure wish i could be there with you -i need a kick in the pants!
    I love the figures- you are a natural...

  2. Awesome. Looks like fun too. Wish I was there ;)

  3. Looks like you are working hard. Great stuff! Stay cool!

  4. You guys are great - this is so fantastic, yet grueling... I wonder is Phyllis is 'anonymous'! I need to know who to kickin the pants! :)

  5. Just checking in. 91 degrees out there huh?
    Happy painting.

  6. This is very good. Was this at the beginning of your course, or at the end? You do well painting figures. Keep it up.

  7. Thank all of you! This was from the 1st and 2nd day. The whole week was intense, but good!


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