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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Just Had To Share This With You

No, this is not a Daily Painting, but this is the view from my porch as I arrived home from the studio last night. I haven't gotten to painting yet this morning, but thought I'd send this out - amazing, isn't it? This little piece of the Nanaquaket peninsula which used to be a Summer home for the Sisters of the Holy Union, is going to soon be filled with 7 McMansions... :( Oh, well, I'm taking lots of photos before the neighborhood goes 'down' :)
Also you might want to check out my Studio Blog to see what I've been working on instead of a Daily Painting today.... Thanks for visiting, and I do appreciate every comment!


  1. Kelly, what a beautiful view! I just heard about what will happen to Nanaquaket! I used to go to summer camp there a looong time ago! So sad but your pictures bring back great memories. Thanks for that. I love your paintings.

  2. Thank you! I'll try my best to do some good paintings of this special spot before the tear-down!


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