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Monday, November 26, 2007

More Coastal Roaster Coffee Stuff ! :)

This is just what I'm up to these days. Dropping off paintings at Holiday Shows (55 were 'at large' this month alone!), packing & shipping Daily Paintings that have sold (will update the 'solds' on the blog SOON I promise!) and painting little acrylic paintings about my favorite coffee shop, Coastal Roasters, in beautiful Tiverton, RI. The photos did not come out as clear as I wanted, and rather than wait for tomorrow's light (today's light was gray and dismal) to get better images. Suffice it to say that the paintings are clearer, that you can read the signs, and the colors are richer. OK. The first one, below, is "The Coast Is Clear" (8x10), and it's about the gauntlet you have to endure to cross this Main Road to GET to the delicious, full bodied coffee (Starbucks, eat your heart out....). The speed limit is 25, but one day I was 'passed' by a truck going 50 (yes, I zoomed after him to see JUST how fast he was going!). And that would be me, saying 'SLOW DOWN!' to all the zoomers going by.... :) Below is one of my Holiday Dreams for a Coastal Roaster Cup!

Forgive me for being a little irreverant... but I think both Mary and Joseph would have been THRILLED to receive some nice hot Coastal Roasters coffee after their travails. The text on the bottom right reads "How thoughtful! They've come bearing Coastal Roaster Coffee!" Seriously, the Magi are very dear to me, my favorite symbol of the season, and I can't help but think that if they'd been able to, they WOULD have swung by Tiverton to bring some delicious java to the Holy Family....


  1. Love these. Do you think you'll get a painting on a cup? Maybe.....
    I'm loving your blog. Very lively and fun.
    Thanks for your visit and comment. The support is appreciated. Spent the weekend in NH with the babies who have the ability to make everything else seem trivial !

  2. No doubt the wise men would bring Coastal Roasters' coffee. I think they are kicking themselves for not!


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