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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Jake's Shake, 5x7 Acrylic

So much for doing a little landscape from last night's sunset! I found this little guy (I think his name is Jake, so it's Jake's Shake) in Jamestown, RI, a lovely island off Newport. Anyway, I take photos of animals wherever I go and he was hamming it up for me, then all of a sudden he had to SHAKE-SHAKE-SHAKE his head! More dogs coming, I'm afraid, because of next week's Bayside Colony Dog Show in Boston (Thursday and Friday - I wish I could spend BOTH days there!). If you go to their website you can get a discount coupon, too! I'd say get there early, because it's a real full day!


  1. Oh, you TOTALLY captured that moment when the pug shakes its head :)

    And dog show... I see nothing wrong with more dogs to follow.

  2. that's the perfect puggle head shake. With your expert dog knowledge, you should do more paintings of them!

  3. You have a pug????!!!!!Grrrrr...I'm jealous..

    Claire(katies daughter)


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