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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Work In Progress, Mailbox

The North River Arts Society  in Marshfield, MA, has a big Festival every Memorial Day weekend, and they ask artists to help with fundraising.  This year it is mailboxes.  I spent some time at Sally Dean's studio on Tuesday when I went to pick mine up and she offered invaluable advice (sand it, wipe it with a tack cloth) that NEVER would have occurred to me.  I always get nervous painting on anything other than canvas or board or paper.   Last year, you may remember my hyperventilating over the pillows we were supposed to decorate (for good reason - my 2 pillows were among the handful that did NOT sell!).  

I have learned a lesson (thank you, Sally).  I was thinking "What would people want on their mailboxes?"  Sally said "NO.  Think... 'What do I like to paint?"   Ahhhh.... well, birds!  I love to photograph, draw and paint them!  So here's my start ... and man, did I LOVE painting on the metal!  It's acrylic, and they will get a couple of coats of protection to deal with the harsh New England weather.  All will be on sale (and I'll also have about 20 unframed, bargain priced pieces at Art In The Barn) during the festival.  I'll show this (both sides) when I'm done!


  1. You are welcome dear kelley!
    Looks fabulous!
    maybe you should spatter the lower part to look like guano! ( JK)

  2. Kelley, Your birds are wonderful..I am sure yours will be one of the top picks this year!

  3. Love it Kelly. We don't have mail boxes over here but I can't think of a nicer welcome to your home. Have you painted one for your drive? A must do I think. BTW I have a cat just like your Henry!

  4. Kelley, This is adorable! What a great idea for a fund raiser! Your mailbox will be one of the first to sell! Wow! I can imagine a whole series of these!

  5. Oh - they're great! A lot of gesture and character. It'll sell in a flash ; )

  6. Isn't funny how our mind does funny tricks like tell you, you can't paint on mailboxes. Glad to see you overcame it. Love the birdies, it will sell for sure!

  7. Great advice! Paint what you love! If you paint it, they will come!

  8. This will definitely sell! I like it already! Looking forward to seeing it completed!

  9. The mailbox is coming along nicely, Kelley!

    Your passion for them shows in the painting.

    I think you chose an appropriate subject matter too. After all, don't birds sometimes perch on top of mailboxes?

    I'm SURE this will sell at the fundraiser. No worries.


  10. I love these bird - and you know what, what you wanted to paint, definitely correlates with what people would want on a mailbox, I would love this!

    Now I'm off to find more information on the Memorial Day Festival - I had no idea, it's right near me!

  11. Kelley, a beautiful beginning. I love it at this stage, it could be finished here. Can't wait to see it progress. I too am freaked by any other surface but I'm glad the metal feels good under your brush.


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