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Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Last Jack, 6x8, Oil

Just some varnish and this is ready to go.  Took the photo with my new camera, albeit under the worst lighting conditions so there's a lot of glare in the background.  

Thanks to Chris M. for commissioning this, and I hope everyone thinks of my daughter tomorrow and wishes her success in the Boston Marathon!!!  Thanks everyone for your support!  It means a lot to Molly AND to me!


  1. Very cool! I'm sure Chris will love Jack!!
    Good luck to Molly!!

  2. Beautiful job Kelley. I wish I could see it w/o the glare, one of my number one problems. Good luck at the marathon, or is it over by now?

  3. Good wishes to Molly!

    And Chris is going to love this painting!! It's great!!

  4. Ah, the marathon. If you have time go to my blog Carmichael Chronicles and read my poem "Toeing the Line". I'm sure it would bring back memories of running for your daughter. Hope she did well.

  5. Great job-Although I do miss the lime!
    Best running wishes for Molly- what a feat!


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