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Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's A Lemon Reamer, 8x6, Oil

This was such a hard thing to paint, in so many ways!  First the architecture of the reamer.  Then I used a  board with a lot of smooth 'ground', which actually was slick, and difficult to paint on- you can see the ridges where the sanding didn't go down far enough.  I had to practically sculpt the paint on.  Didn't like doing it, I was sweating like Hurley (hey, LOST fans!) trying to get the paint not to slide into other colors.  I thought this reamer was so cool till I saw one yesterday at Crate & Barrel for half the price.  I hate that!


  1. Another awesome piece! I was thinking the other day that I should do a still but I couldn't think of anything to You have an endless stream of ideas.... I obviously have none!! : )

  2. Kelley, Great job! I love the vanilla bottle! How you can paint, the tiny detail of the label, amazes me! Just brilliant!

  3. i think the surface looks good- hard to see any struggling here..the color on the lemons is great!..did you make a lemon pound cake?

  4. Kelley!

    I just like this painting because the scene captures an everyday slice of life in the kitchen.

    Nice job on the vanilla label too!


  5. I love how you did the vanilla extract bottle. You always do such a wonderful job on labels. It's a great hint of a kitchen chef.


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