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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wiper, Plus... A Studio Visitor

Can't say exactly what one thing led to this paintings demise... but when I finished it I said "Yuk", and grabbed a towel and wiped it off.  Seems to be contagious on the blogsphere lately, you hear everyone talking about wiping off their paintings.  At any rate, I'll try again.

While I was painting this a strange thing happened..  I saw movement out of the corner of my eye...
Can't see it?  Look closer...

Oh, oh!  Look what it's doing!
In. My. Studio.

I think the lamp must have heated up the soil too much!  Also, when I bought these flowers (check out Paco's blog for a photo) they were BLUE.  After sitting under the lamp they turned violet and pink - no lie.  
He was released, unharmed, to the grass outside the studio. *shiver*....


  1. Not to worry. I consider every wiper a lesson. It happens. Makes you a better painter in the long run.

  2. Yuck......
    I definitely think you could finish it spmetime. Then again most of my wipeouts have something else over them now.

  3. Well the faces of the violets were lovely, too bad you wiped it.

  4. I think your post should win "Most Exciting" for the day! That is so funny!

  5. I thought the painting was pretty! And that's hysterical about your visitor.

    When I used to paint (before I started gluing) I was always amazed at the change in a vase of flowers over a period of a couple of hours. It was almost as bad as the changing sunlight and shadows while painting plein air.

  6. OMG, Kelly.....I just popped on the computer for a few to catch up on blog posts and there yours was and when I got to the bottom and saw your earthworm I had to laugh. Not at what happened to you but at the fact I had just awakened from a dream in which my house had earthworms falling out of the ceiling and were everywhere. They must be a metaphor for something going to rain down on me because my dreams have an uncanny way of manifesting themselves in some way sometimes 10 yrs. later but none-the-less they come back to haunt me. This is strange seeing the earthworm in your blog.
    I think your flowers were great in this picture, were you too hasty in wiping the whole thing off. I have trouble getting the right background sometimes (most of the time, lets be real here). Maybe that was it. Hope you have a wonderful day. Watch out for those worms.

  7. Wow! Kind of like a miniature "Alien" coming forth!

    I've been wiping and wiping lately - I think it is a growing phase and so is a good thing! :-)

  8. Wow, a painting, Biology and Oligochaetology lesson all in one post! Love the way you can "paint" a story with your photos.

    Yes, add me to the wipe and do over club too.

  9. GAG
    Looks like you smoked him out!
    It's not a bad painting.

  10. Do it again today, Kelley....just go in there and be bold!
    And the worm...yikes, you are brave too!

  11. Kelley, Ah! Nature! Challenges at every turn! Anyway, I think the painting is beautifully done! The flowers look lovely! I am sure that the next one will be even better!

  12. What am I missing here...? I liked the painting.

  13. Kelley!

    The painting was good....while it lasted!

    At least the worm was a slow mover and you could catch it in time. Imagine if a spider or roach popped out instead!


  14. Eww creepy earthworm. I can't believe you wiped that!! It really just needed a bit of tweaking... You never fail to have something new and interesting posted on this blog, love it!!

  15. :) Thanks everyone - and ... Dean... I hadn't given that a though.... now I could be freaked!


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