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Friday, April 16, 2010

A Girl And Her Dad, 9x12 Oil

This is from a little while ago - I kept going in and adding layers and working on the figures - which I didn't do as portraits per se.  This painting was inspired by a photo in the literature of a gentleman who is in the alternative energy business - and his daughter - having a talk in a place of extreme beauty. It looks like a place that should be preserved, doesn't it?  I'm guessing it's in the Northwest.   I didn't ask too many questions about the who/when/where of it, I just was inspired by the peaceful setting and the interaction between the figures.  What young girl doesn't want special time like this with her dad?
This one is NFS.


  1. Of, this one is sweet. Makes me miss my own dad,

  2. Kelley!

    There's something very sweet and private about this one.

    It almost looks unfinished too which adds to the charm. Like their story hasn't quite happened yet.


  3. Now you have surprised us again, Kelly! Lovely image!

  4. Very nice, Kelley. The closeness between these two is evident. You've captured that intimacy and also the beautiful scenery. Well done!

  5. I like this one too ... it almost looks like pastels with the soft edges and of course it is heartwarming to see the two of them in the beautiful countryside -good job!


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