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Friday, April 9, 2010

Hazy Evening, 8x10, Oil

My plans were to go to the beach last night to paint, but it was so gray/silver with so much haze I thought I'd just wait till sunset to see if that brought any color.  It did, and this was a plein air piece done from my front porch.  Sorry it didn't make it into the post Thursday morning, my laptop 'mouse' froze up and I was WITHOUT INTERNET for the evening and morning.  Talk about withdrawals!
$100 & 10 S&H via Paypal  


  1. Lovely sunset, Kelley. It was actually very misty and foggy here.

  2. Wow, what a view! Beautiful, and you captured that silvery, fading light, magical time of day.
    Do you get the same panicked feeling I do when I'm w/out an internet connection. there's probably a 12-step for that somewhere.

  3. A very fresh look to this painting, Kelley!

  4. Kelley!

    Oh poor you! I feel just awful that you had to sit through yet another beautiful sunset by the water!

    I know you're trying to make us all jealous, aren't you!



  5. kelly,
    how realistic your paintings are...
    the art of making everyday objects into fine art forms is fantastic...


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