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Monday, May 3, 2010

Finally, Joan! 6x8 oil

Well, I struggled and struggled (I may have spent more time on this 6x8 than any other) but I finally threw in the towel, and said 'enough'.  My husband kept looking at it and saying 'the eyes are too big' and I would make them smaller, but then they would - on their own, I swear, drift to the left, to the right, closer together... uuugggh!  Funny how when you look at it online you can see things you wouldn't notice in person - the eyes, the forehead, still not right.  She's much, much prettier and more vivacious than this ... but just for comparison I'll repost the one I did in acryilic....
So maybe if you combine these two paintings you'll get a more accurate image of the 'real' Joan?


  1. Hi Kelley, sure we can see who she is inside. Both images are filled with personality. A difficult task, but you've done it!

  2. Really nice, Kelley. If you look at half of your face in a mirror we actually have two different uniquely different faces. You've probably captured each one on it's own as a whole face, if you know what I'm trying to say. That's why we all think we have "a better side." What would Joan say about that? I wonder. Great job.


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