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Monday, May 17, 2010

Reflections On Clouds, 8x8, Acrylic

With this painting I was just experimenting with surfaces.  I'd made the canvas very 'textured' with layers of paint and medium, just playing with how one of the sunsets would look.  I think I still prefer a nice smooth surface for the sunsets, or for plein air as well.  This is kind of fun with contemporary subjects, or something kind of abstract, but I think it makes a person confused as to what they're supposed to be looking at.  Maybe.  I must say that the camera exaggerates the texture.  In person it's less defined.  I think this will be NFS, and I'll hold it out for my Open Studio Tour in July.  Hope you all had a nice weekend - it was perfect weather here in New England!


  1. Cool texture... really adds another dimension to your image. FYI, gave you 5 stars on the vote for the next Daily Painter poll.

  2. I tried this, too. I found that while I liked the texture, for landscapes I turned the board so that the texture was more horizontal. Mad it a little less visual, but still part of the piece. Love the paintings.

  3. Well, personally, I LOVE the texture. I started doing textured surfaces like this with my pastels (really ate up the chalks!) before I got involved with collage. Textured surfaces can be so exciting and I love seeing you experiment with this.

  4. Kelley, Beautiful clouds, so serene, and peaceful!

  5. Hey Kelley! I saw that you made it to the top 20 in the DP contest and I wanted to congratulate you!


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