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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Plein Air - Pink Evening, 9x12 Oil

This was a quick sketch done in oil of the sky and water across from my house.  I had to work really quickly, so it's very loose.  You guys have seen from my unenhanced photos that I'm not making this up - the sky at sunset here causes people to drive off the road!  Probably due to air pollution, but nevertheless breathtaking.  I like how the little house had lights on already in one room, too.  Because it's a 'Daily' painting, even though it's larger than my usual Daily Work, it's priced at
$100 & $10 S&H via Paypal
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Enjoy your long weekend~


  1. You are funny.
    It's beautiful and remember that Parrsboro sunset that WE SAW and no body believed it when you painted it?
    Well it was REAL!

  2. Beautiful and soft! Love the colors and that small light in the house.

  3. Lovely one, Kelley. I have sometimes seen this strange eerie yellow glow in the atmosphere at sunset which seems to make everything look surreal. I wonder what it would be like to have to live with it that way all the time. Like living on another planet.

  4. What a treasure - this is a beautiful painting!

  5. Breathtaking. Aren't we blessed to live in beautiful places with gorgeous sunsets. Your sunset painting is luscious!

  6. Beautiful, Kelley and I like the touch of light in the house. You certainly have wonderful views.

  7. All rignt, all right, I'm hooked.
    Love your paintings, I wish I had been following much longer! I love the landscapes and still lifes.
    Thank you from a sometimes painter who has now been inspired-- I'd like to see if a daily work of my own will keep my eye sharp and my brushes wet!--

  8. Kelley, Where you live is gorgeous! This painting is grogeous, too! The litte lighted window is so cozy! Happy Memorial Day!

  9. Yeah, Mary I do remember!
    Thanks, Linda!
    Carol - we had one of those yellow skies yesterday evening - I was enthralled!
    Thanks, so much Claire, Debbi and Pat!
    Let us know of your adventures, Shelley!
    Thank you and same to you, Nancy!

  10. Beautiful light and colors in this painting. A wonderful atmosphere.

  11. I'm getting jealous of your views again, Kelley!



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