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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Plein Air - Beach! 6x8 Oil

My monthly Challenge Group meets next week, and the assignment this month was "Plein Air - Beach"!  So Paco and I headed over to the beach across the street before anyone else was there (hence the long shadow from the Lifeguard's chair.  The view is looking down the river, past Little Gould Island, with Aquidneck Island (think Newport) on the right bank and Tiverton and Little Compton on the left - of which you can only see a little peek of Tiverton in this painting.  The little piece you can see is called "Fogland" - and I just love to go there when it is foggy - it's like another world.

Now, here's the scene from my evening walk with Paco - facing the opposite way up the river...
Bloggers don't forget Leslie Saeta's Radio show "Artists Helping Artists" today - noon-the topic is "Selling Art While You Sleep" - which is OK in my book!


  1. Hi Kelley, something round in the water...what is it? I love the plain plein air painting!It says so much about a quiet restfull beach.

  2. Great piece, Kelley. I was wondering if they still have the kite festival in Newport in the spring. I was driving the Ocean Drive one year and happened upon it. Would make for some great pics and paintings.

  3. nice painting, now I want to go to the beach!

  4. I want to go to the beach. Did you get my email?

  5. I love this lifeguard chair painting Kelley! It really speaks to a simpler time, makes me think of camp...fabulous!

  6. Love that long shadow and the pop of red next to all that beautiful blue. Aren't you the lucky one living so close to the beach?

    Thanks so much for Leslie's link. Must give it a listen.

  7. Kelley, I want to live where you live. The paintings done from where you live are just wonderful! They all look so perfect, and peaceful!

  8. You live in a magical place!! What a great piece!!

  9. Kelley, I adore your paintings!! Be sure to vist my art site for a surprise!

    Art by Karena


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