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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Peppermints On Aqua, 6x6 Inches, Oil

The past few days have been super-busy - I've been working on an interesting but challenging commission.  But I've been completely overwhelmed by the grace and generosity of friends, near and far, who have reached out and contacted me.  Amazing original and beautiful Holiday cards, emails in response to my Daily Posts, and little gifts arriving on my doorstep and in the mail.  Truly, I am humbled.  And so, so grateful.  That so many of you bothered to tell me that you enjoy reading the blog posts, as well as seeing the work, well, it meant a lot to me.
And soon this commission will be done, and I can reach back out to you and thank you.  For today, please just know - you matter to me.

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  1. My favorite colors all together in this piece, Kelley. Hope you are close to finishing your commission and relax a little before Santa arrives.

  2. Je voudrais bien goûter un de ces bonbons à la menthe!!
    Très jolie et adorable peinture.
    gros bisous

  3. Love, Love these little candies! Your peppermint stripes just slay me. Then you come along with that wrapper!!! Oh my goodness...girl you can paint! Shadows and highlights are fabulous.
    Merry Everything and Happy Always Kell!

  4. Peppermint candies are a personal favorite and these look delicious! The background color really make the candies pop. Great way to enjoy them without the calories! Have a great Holiday...hope you get to rest and de-stress. Happy, happy...

  5. What fun to see your holiday peppermint candies. very skillfully painted...real and lifelike. Want to reach out and taste test. Hmmm...very refreshing!!!

  6. This painting is over the top gorgeous candy, love it Kelley

    sweet as YOU

  7. Kelley I saw this painting on the daily painters site and LOVE it! Wonderful choice of an aqua backgrounds and you can just feel the crinkly plastic wrappers.

  8. This painting is just so perfect. It hits all the notes perfectly. It is no surprise to me that gifts have been landing on your doorstep. You are a special person.


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