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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Donut War Surprise! A Cupcake For Susan! 6x6 Inches, Oil Painting

You know Monday is Donut War Day.  Susan Roden has flung some wicked frosting at me with her cupcakes, while I'd always stuck with donuts.  Today I am going for a sneak attack with a cupcake!  Heh, heh... heh..  I love these little bite size guys....YUM!

Now... you all want to know how the Opening for Girls Just Wanna Paint went?  FABULOUS.  The people who came were so COOL!  Karen Bruson came!  All the way from New Hampshire!  She is so great!  Valerie V., Chris P., Jane C.,  Susan and Robert D., Pam C., Ruth,  :)))
We even had Michael Weymouth, an artist and author, come in drag to try to become a member of the group!  It was packed all evening, tons of red dots (sales), and so much buzz about our group!  Fun, fun, fun! Thank you all so much!  And... my meatballs were a hit!


  1. This is a terrific surpise and I love those sprinkles!Grand as always !

  2. Whoa, Kelley, you've done it now, and in Christmas colors, no less! This is a major tactical move in TDW.
    Great cupcake painting. I am so happy that Girls Just Wanna Paint Opening went so well, no surprise there, with such a fab group of artists.I love the group photo.

  3. What a scrumptious cupcake! Susan will love it. Your Girls Just Wanna Paint party sounds like it was fabulous indeed!

  4. looks delicious! Which is more fun painting the cupcake or researching the best cupcake to paint? Susan's looks good too...;)

  5. Maybe this should be the "sweet war"...hahaha...gotta go paint now...

  6. What a sticky, sweet surprise Kelley! And as Faye said - in xmas colors!

    Sounds like the show was a huge success - congrats from San Diego!

  7. I loved the photos of your exhibition! What great fun! And another wonderful, almost edible cupcake, Kelley!

  8. Oh, that's why that guy was dressed in drag. How funny is he?
    Love the cupcake but still wishing for more of those meatballs!


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