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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Donut War Ornament! 6x6 Inches, Oil AND ANOTHER GIVEAWAY!

$100 & $10 S&H

Better watch OUT, West Coast - and Susan Roden!  This donut is HARD! The donut is a little ornament.  In real life the cloth under the mug is brighter, but taking the photo after dark made it impossible to edit correctly.  I'll take one tomorrow in better light.  But the mug is just tooo cute - a special promotion by Dunkin Donuts, as is the strawberry frosted donut ornament!  And whoever purchases this painting gets the actual ornament, too. :)  I love you guys!
I had a very CHILLY studio assistant while I painted this:
He's wrapped in a blanket and tucked into his little bed at the foot of my easel.  With assorted 'babies'.
We have a few more long days getting some commissions done, then we'll be baking!

OK, here's this week's giveaway.  All you need to do is subscribe to my blog.  (you certainly can unsubscribe if need be after the giveaway - you are NEVER obligated!)   At the top right of the blog there is an place to get my posts in your inbox.  After you've received a post you just hit "REPLY" and say "I'm a subscriber and I'd like to win the Snow Globe!"  I'll announce the winner on Christmas Eve and mail it out to you (free shipping) after Christmas.


  1. Well you have been busy! The mug and ornament is very nice...Susan better watch out for sure! Paco looks very comfortable...settled in...and the new snow globe is adorable! Love the way you rendered the glass and the highlights are perfect. great way to celebrate the season!

  2. You did an amazing job on the glass of the snow globe. So cute! Love the promotion DD is doing too. Smart!

  3. First of all...Paco! SO cute!
    Your DD cup and ornament are so fun. Perfectly painted. Good luck with finishing your commission work and baking. Merry Christmas Kelley!

  4. Wonderful glazey quality on that mug! And the hanging doughnut ornament- with that ribbon and sprinkles- fabulous!! Talk about a tough composition...
    Love seeing Paco...his eyes are beautiful!

  5. These are both WONDERFUL!
    I'm a subscriber so...... I'm IN :D

  6. Hmmm ... I see you already have the donut ornament ... so feel free to "regift" the package I sent out to you last week! Darnit!
    I also just signed up for your blog because I really want to win the snow globe. Awesome painting! Would love to add it to my "KM" collection!

  7. Okay I think Susan has some really tough competition this week. The mug with the mini doughnut are so cute. I applaud you on the color of the mug. I try and try to get this color, it's a tough one. Good luck with your commission, I know Paco will help you through it.

  8. I love this painting. YOu handled the donut ornament & mug so well. I hope it landed on the west coast gently. Leave it to you to find the donut ornament. Merry Christmas, Kelley.

  9. Sooooo cute Contessa!
    You won this definitely hands up - and I'm saying this with frosting + sprinkles all over my face.

    And this was a promotional mug? I want a DD around here:(

  10. Je vous souhaite de très joyeuses fêtes de noël...
    Cette boule de neige est si ravissante...
    Je vous fais de gros bisous

  11. I am a subscriber and have already won a Kelley Mac original, so I will share the Christmas spirit, but I do love, love, love your snowglobe:)))) Can't wait to see my Pinky Tree!!


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