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Thursday, September 17, 2009

DD Iced, 6x6 Oil

People seem to get a charge out of paintings of donuts, donut shop stuff like iced coffee. Since I'm mildly addicted to the iced confection, I bought TWO today. One to paint, one to sip!

**And I'd like to announce - that barring any delays in getting him outside.... PACO IS HOUSEBROKEN!!!!!** YAY! What a good dog!


  1. that one is the bomb- send it to DUNKIN DONUTS
    they should make a banner ...

  2. I just love this painting! You captured the highlights where the light is hitting the cup so convincingly. Congrats on housebreaking the dog, too!

  3. Wow, Kellie, you did an awesome job on this. Sally is right, Dunkin Donuts needs to see it!

  4. I need that painting for my office!

  5. Funny, Sally - and it could go with my jelly donuts banner - I'll be known as the Dunkin Artist! Thanks Kerry - and you know right after I published this, Paco piddled on a pile of fresh, clean laundry (he can fly, too, right on to the top of the couch!).
    Thanks Carol and Sandra! Wouldn't it tempt you too much, Genevieve?

  6. Love it!!! You just keep getting better and better. Your coffee color impresses me, and the wonderful 'plasticness of the cup, and all the printed type. Really great! (Funny, I just posted a donut!)

  7. Oh this looks delicious!

    DUNKIN DONUTS would love this, Kelley! You captured the logo and shape of the plastic cup perfectly.

    The turquoise surface looks divine against the chocolate color of the iced coffee.

    Be proud of this one!


  8. This is great, Kelley. Definietly in plastic and the color is perfect. Hooray for Paco...

  9. You guys - somehow when I 'edited' this to post that it was sold it got sent out to everyone again! So very sorry about that!

  10. Kelley, I love all of the donut series. Does Paco like donuts?

  11. my addiction-that has to be an iced latte. I'm not surprised it sold-it's fabulous.


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