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Monday, September 28, 2009

Mushrooms II, Oil, 6x6

My Challenge Group this month, I think I mentioned, was about 'mushrooms'. So I have spent HOURS this week constructing elaborate set ups and piles of this veggie. Wipe off after wipe off. Finally, this one came together, and even though it's a bit 'dotty', I like the mushrooms. The soft skin of the 'shrooms was very reflective. Trying to keep it loose.

Also yesterday I hung the my show at the Tishman Speyers building. I will send out a 'shout out' about this, but for you bloggers, a sneak peek... (this was me, after TWO paintings fell right off the wall and completely wrecked the frames - note to self - the smooshy walls there need LONG nails, and also a Lucy-and-Ethel scene of Tim & I taking two dollies loaded with paintings and getting stuck in an elevator, getting out, getting back to the guard upstairs, getting back down, having to go though a maze which led to one street length OUTSIDE the building in order to reach the atrium where we hung the paintings. Other than that it was a snap. :)
Because I need 8 paintings for an upcoming submission, I really only had a few from this summer to hang :(


  1. I like the dottie mushrooms....
    Good luck with the show, Kelley. Really like the paintings on the last panel. Not seen those before.

  2. Nice, congrads on being in the show! love the mushrooms here too, the dots give it a whimsical note!

  3. Wow! Kelley, this is impressive! Congratulations on your show! Fabulous!

  4. Kelley, Love your mushrooms very much. I like that the brush strokes are so evident. Your show looks great. Don't let anyone tell you artists don't work hard. I had one person tell me "Why don't I get a real Job?" Jeanne

  5. Love the reflections. And your show looks fabulous. Congratulations!

  6. Congrats on the show! Looks good! I'm sure after all the gymnastics required to hang all the pieces, in the end, it will all be worth it. Good luck!

  7. Great colors in the mushrooms. And, the show looks wonderful (despite all your mishaps.)

  8. mom they look wonderful! I also forgot about your Degas paintings... you should do more in his style! and I love these mushrooms, esp. the cool underside of the rear one. (and I like how the shadows go all the way to black!)

  9. hi kelley!
    you are so amazing! i LOVE the mushrooms and your show looks wonderful!
    you are so inspiring in everything that you do!

  10. I think it looks GREAT. Much more content than you thought you had!

  11. Kelley!

    First off, I love the multi-colored, dotted background you used for the mushrooms.

    Fun and eye-catching!

    Congrats on the art show!

    I LOVE the painting that appears to be blue/purple pears on a striped cloth! I must see that one by itself. I love pear paintings!!



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