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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ta-Da! Hydrangeas III, Oil 8x8

Well, back at the studio this morning everything is 'taken care of' (you know what I mean in terms of the little mouse). I think I like this hydrangea the best, or maybe I was just more relaxed doing it. I hope you all have a FANtastic weekend. Clamboil and lobsters at my place tomorrow! :)


  1. Yes, I do like this the best, Kelley. Lovely composition and color.

  2. nice job!
    too bad about the mouse-oh well
    I tried to do hydrangeas again...oooh not so great...

  3. Hi Kelley -
    Just wanted to leave you a comment to say Hi and to tell you I love this one. I think it's the background and foreground colors that work best with the flowers. I see Tim more often now as my company moved their offices to the 4th floor. I can't escape the Penthouse at 1266!
    Take care
    Christine F

  4. This one is defenitely more evolved...Gorgeous! I'm just in love with hydrangeas, brings me back to picnics at my grandparents. Love the pallette.

  5. I like this one a lot too Kelley. I think you did a great job on the blossoms. The deer ate all mine this year!
    Happy Labor Day!

  6. Oh my goodness...this is stunning. Love your use of red and that unexpected lilac table cloth is a gorgeous contrast. Gorgeous!

  7. Beautifully painted, Kelley, and a great composition.

  8. oh my gosh kelley!

    i love them all and your passion for capturing them until you are pleased. your playfulness in the process is a joy to share in!

    you are a true inspiration!


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