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Friday, September 25, 2009

Wok'in, 6x6 Oil

My Challenge group is doing a 'mushroom' theme this month. So I thought about a stir-fry... also I loooove snow peas, and was getting hungry in the produce aisle ;) So if you're in the Challenge group - close your eyes! Mushrooms might seem boring to paint, but they are actually, if you study them, lustrous and reflective. These positively lit up with the orange reflections. Slaving away getting ready for a show I'll tell all about this weekend!


  1. Great painting and I agree with you, I also love the peapods, yum yum. I sure like the comment from one of someone's comment to you, she used the word buttery. So very true. Jeanne

  2. Very beautiful, Kelley! Love that Chinese red to go with the stir-fry theme.

  3. Love it, Kelley! I want to come to your house for dinner!

  4. I love the temperature shifts in the mushrooms...beautiful!

  5. The colors are awesome!! Love the painting!!

  6. ooh love the mushrooms and peas, great compo!

  7. Kelley, thanks for the comments on my blog. I really appreciate it. My goal is to make more blog friends and to do a painting a day which I will do as soon as I finish the silk scarf show which opens on Nov 7th. I love your paintings.Jeanne

  8. I love, love, love the orange color in this painting, Kelley!

    The random, thrown about composition of the mushrooms and snow peas is wonderful.

    Great job on getting those little reflections on the mushroom caps too!

    A fun, bright painting!



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