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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sparkling Egg, 8x6

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**ooops** I sent this out before the photo was uploaded - my apologies!

Here's one where you say... WHAT was I thinking?  Actually, my 26 year old son was helping by cleaning out a closet (something I dread) and he found this and said "This should be a Daily Painting!"  "HA!" I said.  That would be crazy!  So here I am in crazy-land, and I tried not to get tied up in the 'decoration' of the egg.  I just let my eye capture generalized color, bright vs. the shaded colors, and wherever little sparkles or shots of color came out, I added them in.  I was also trying to do the new Karin Jurick's challenge, which was an upside down figure, and I only had a half hour today - needless to say it was a total wipe off.  I'll do it for next week.


  1. I think you managed to do a very believable and pleasing job of a very difficult subject! The egg has definite shape beyond it's pattern......a truly hard thing to do.

  2. I think you nailed it. I saw this little gem in person and it looks great here.


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