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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Pink and Yellow Gerbers, Oil, 5x7

Today I combined two colors of the daisies, but stuck them in a pink lemonade bottle. I just loved the undulating shape of the bottle, and thought the colored labels might be fun. The format, 5x7, is not my favorite. I've decided that I'm most comfortable with 6x6 or 6x8. It's a good thing to know, but now.. all those odd sizes of canvases & boards.... I'll think of something to do with them!

OK - let's talk POLITICS! No, really, let's not. But I guess the Obama girls are going to get a puppy, and being an animal lover (do you remember that I'm such a dog freak that I go - by myself- to the big AKC dog show in Boston every December?) I'm listing a few of my favorite breeds in a POLL on the top right of my blog. Out of my suggestions which dog would YOU like to see in the White House (on the sofas, on the White House lawn, in Lincoln's bed, etc.). It's just for fun, though I promise I'll send our recommendation to Michelle Obama!


  1. The flowers are beautiful. I also love the visible texture of paint behind them.

  2. Beautiful picture Kelley but how about the choice "other" for dog votes??? i vote Portuguese Water Dog, my sister has a friend who has one and swears they do not shed and are hypo-allergenic. Patty

  3. Oh Kelley, the two colors of daisys look brilliant, I will have to try this too. I'm on a bit of a daisy painting jag lately. Nice job!!

  4. I love the depth in this little scene and the tightness of the composition, very engaging (you make it look easy!)

  5. Love this.
    great shadow shape and value range.


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