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Monday, November 10, 2008

Different Strokes, Oil, 8x8

This is in response to Karin Jurick's bi-weekly challenge - Different Strokes From Different Folks.  So I'm not putting in on ebay, but if anyone wants it just email me.  I like challenges, and using someone else's image certainly fits that bill.  I just focused on the shapes of the ladies and their shadows - and it was fun putting in the little park/traffic background as well.  While I was doing it, I was gritting my teeth in fear - then I said to myself  "Nobody knows you're doing this... if it doesn't turn out, just wipe it off!"  and that freed me to try some things.  I did have to do a little wiping off, but that's OK. I'm so inspired by the other artists that have done this challenge.  I don't know how often Karin updates her submissions - every few days of so, I think. 


  1. Kelley, this is wonderful! I think you should continue figures. Amy Hillenbrand is also wonderful with figures. Great job.
    Debbi Rourke

  2. You are avery good artist. It's really nice to read that you have fears too.
    Keep doing DSFDF, it's nice to have you on board

  3. Thanks, Dominique, and thanks for the encouragement!


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