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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Bottle of White, 6x8 Oil

Today after coffee, etc. at Olga's Cup & Saucer in Providence Tim & I went to Borders for some quiet bookbrowsing... NOT!  Apparently Bill O'Reilly was signing his new book there, and I swear it looked like 3 days before Christmas!  It was packed - and made it tough to find books to read - we 'booked' it out of there and over to get some art supplies on Wickendon Street.  There's a really great wine store off Wickendon, so we picked up a couple of nice French wines on the Blue Tag Special. Then over to Wayland Square to see the shops & pick up some amazing cheese at the Farmstead.

So we had the cheese & wine at my studio, because it's on the way back home, and I had forgotten my photo card reader there on Thursday.  And because I didn't post yesterday, I painted the wine bottle.  Not thrilled with it, so I won't put it on ebay, I think I should have been more creative about the viewpoint, and composition in general.  I was breaking my rule about not painting after a glass of wine,  now I remember why I made it!

******Good News Alert!  I've been accepted as a Gallery Artist in the Cape Cod Art Association!  I found out today and am very pleased!


  1. I guess I see how you could not be thrilled with it - it doesn't have as clear a focal point as some of your recent work and it's muted, but it looks like you really nailed the bottle's shape and the way it takes up space, and I really like the shadow - green b/c maybe it's not really a shadow, it's light through the glass! very nice!

  2. Woohoo! Excellent news! Congratulations on your membership with Cape Cod Arts Assoc; you must be thrilled!


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