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Monday, November 17, 2008

Just the Peaches, 6x6 Oil

I did do a painting over the weekend, but it was not successful, it was OK, but nothing to write home about.  Then this morning I grabbed this jar of peaches and had a great time painting it! I wonder if there's too much of the mid tone, that being the golden color of the peaches.  I guess it's one more thing to think about, and not jump in and paint till I've got it settled in my mind.  As Ken Auster says "Intellect, then passion, then intellect".  I was running with the passion, forgetting to plan, plan, plan!


  1. Kelly, the peaches look good the way they are. I just started looking at your blog and I admire the way you paint glass.

  2. I love this painting! I don't think the midtones are too much. The shape of everything - the jar, the peaches themselves, and the accents - I think are fantastic. Everything works! I especially like the way you did the shadow of the jar - with the blue tones, and the orange-ish peach highlighting in there.

    Nice work!


  3. love this one- peachy!
    my mouth is watering-now paint some cream
    -Sally Dean

  4. Thanks, Sally! Janeson I'm glad to have you weigh in on the mid-tone heaviness. I appreciate your comment.

    Jo Ann, I love glass, but I was afraid of it for a long time. Every time I start a painting with glass it's like I never did one before - I'm terrified!

  5. I love your new photo! I get to really see what you look like! I tagged you. Not sure if you already have been...If so, sorry!

  6. kelley, love this painting. your glass looks great and the midtones really work.

  7. Glad you had a great Thanksgiving!!! I like the cranberries, but THIS is stunning!!


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