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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mushrooms, 6x6 Oil

This little 'Daily' took about 6 hours, if you count the first attempt and subsequent wipe off!  The whole time I was thinking I really wanted to go for a walk, casting my eye out toward the sunshine that was slipping away, and not really focusing on my painting.  The first design was all, all wrong, and nothing I could do could pull it out.  Finally, about 3:30 in the afternoon, I wiped it off, said "To heck with it!" and went out for a stroll during the most beautiful part of the day.  When I got home I switched from the 6x8 format I was using, grabbed a trusty 6x6, and this painting fell off the brush.  I love to paint whites that aren't white, and these mushrooms fit the bill.
 Then back home, where they became part of a mushroom-spinach-rice concoction that gets scooped into a pita with a slice of cheese, and grilled till the cheese melts, mmmmMMMmm!


  1. Really good design and sophisticated palette, save me the recipe!
    Joan B.

  2. Love the subtle colors in these little shrooms!!!

  3. Hi Kelly, great use of non-white white. The walk was a good idea.

  4. Kelly,
    You made me downright hungry with this painting and I just ate lunch!


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