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Monday, November 3, 2008

Pine Cones in a Vase, Oil, 6x8

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Another on that kooky background!  These are, again, my Nova Scotia pinecones.  I would have liked the set up to be a little less flimsy - the background would not stay upright in back of the yellow covered box - and instead it rested a few inches away (I should take a photo of my set up) - to get it eye level I have a plastic storage box, with a big phone book, then a tall box on top.  On top of this I drape the cloth or paper, then in back (against the microwave) I lean the background.  So the shadow did not touch the background!  Anyway I went to Kabloom for more flowers - I was going to splurge - but they were closed, so.... the little pine cones filled in.  They are surprisingly hard to do - you can't try to 'draw' the little 'leaves', it'll make you crazy, you have to just kind of look at the light spots and the shadows (which is the best way for me to paint anyway...)  Happy November!

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