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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Waiting For Tonic, 6x6 Inch Original Oil Painting By Kelley MacDonald

6x6 Inches, Oil

First, let me just say that if you haven't tried Hendrick's Gin.... y'oughta!

This weekend marked the (belated) push for the Little Picture Shows.  I can hardly believe how many I've committed to.  This weekend I did 4 'cocktail' type paintings.  My first thought is to do 3 cocktail and 3 donut paintings for the Providence Art Club Little Picture Show, like last year.

Since taking Carol Marine's Advanced Workshop a couple of weeks ago I'm all excited to do glass and reflective surfaces... so look forward to more!

Also - as a balm to our hectic world, with all our anxieties and conflicts (think politics - and then DON'T think politics...)  I offer to you a recent sunset from my front porch.  Maybe someday I'll get brave enough to tackle them again!


  1. I think you seem like a fun girl! Cocktails and donuts? That sounds like a stomachache waiting to happen for me! LOL Love that peaceful view!

  2. It looks like the workshop was fruitful!!
    And seeing your sunsets at Pam's was a treat- you need to make lots more...

  3. Wonderful Kelley. Love the subdued colors and great job with the glass.

  4. Beautiful..both the glass and the view!!

  5. We need to get together with your Hendrick's gin and my Tito's vodka! How about in November when Obama wins his second term? :-)

    Love your painting!!

  6. Wow and Wow both moved me into a feeling and spirit of tranquility. Gotta luvit. Hendrick's you say . . .

  7. What a neat painting Kelley. Great color combo and I especially love the grays you achieved on the bottle, very very nice. That truly is a million dollar view you have.

  8. Yummy .....and the view is gorgeous. Imagine you drinking the gin whilst watching the sunset. :-)

  9. Fantastic painting--have just returned from a stressful class, and I would love a gin and tonic right now--oops just looked at the clock and it's too early in the day.

    1. Jerry - sorry about your class... but you know... it's 5 o'clock SOMEWHERE...

  10. Kelley, beautiful painting! Beautiful view! I see a connection here. I think similar to Debbi's! Sounds like it's to sit back with a relaxing drink, and appreciate the view! Enjoy!

  11. So gorgeous...I love the glass and the fabulous green lemon that just brings the whole painting to life. It is a beautiful piece. Oh...and the the lettering...


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